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Bed bugs are wingless insect, can usually be found near the bed, mattress, carpet, wall, bed frame, beneath the wallpaper, cracks and crevices.  Bed bugs are nocturnal, and they target to human’s body heat and breaths.  They hide in shelter during day time.

Bed bugs can be found everywhere in the world and are commonly found in homes. They feed on blood, including humans’.  For all we know, bed bugs do not cause disease to humans.  They are Hemiptera of Cimicidae insects, approximately 75 species; feed on animals’ blood. They have oval body, 4-5mm long, rusty red in color, smelly excretions.  Because of the increase of local and international transportation, bed bugs are brought to homes through hiding in clothes and luggage; and they are increasing in number all over the world.  Bed bugs are not usually disease carriers, but their bites can cause an itch to people and may become irritated and infected when scratched

Bed bugs can also be found in apartments, motels, restaurants, cinemas, public stations and public wash rooms.  They infest through clothes, luggage, furniture and personal belongings.

Nymphs and adult bed bugs use their unique mouth to pierce through animal’s skin, and feed blood for living.  Bed bugs feed on animals’ blood, usually at arms and shoulders.

HK : (852) 3695 0357 (Leo Chou)
CH : (86) 757 2887 0471(Mr. Chow)
Macau : (853) 2847 1206 (Stephen Chow)

Hotline : (HK)  +852 3695 0357 

(CH) +86 757 2887 0471 | 188 20868365

(Macau) +853 2847 1206 | 6826 9365

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