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Dust Mites

Dust mite is an eight-legged spider web like insect, microscropic size of 100 micrometer to 400 micrometer, widely spread in the world.

Dust mite breeds on any rough surface especially at woolen blanket, carpet, mattress, pillow, sofa and woolen toys, under environment of humidity of 60-85% and temperate of 20-30 degree centigrade.  They breed in great quantity and feed on dead cells from humans, cats and dogs.  Dust mite feces contain allergen not only from its live body but also its dead body that will cause respiratory problems to humans.

Dust mites do not have sight, respiratory, or rotten feeder, only feed on skin scales of humans and other animals such as cats and dogs.  By estimation, the dead cells from a person per day can feed 3,000 dust mites for three months, we can imagine the quantity of dust mites in homes, although do not notice if because they are invisible to our human eyes.  When there is a shortage source of food, dust mites will feed its feces which contains enzyme that can transform faces into recycled food for them.  Theses feces are allergies to humans.

Dust mites feces will suspend in air for some time up to 20 minutes when interfered. The feces can be dissolved in water or in any surface with moist, those feces dissolved in our nose or lungs when inhaled.  The dissolvent emits enzyme destroy our cell structure and cause people suffer from some kind of allergy, asthma, nasal stuffiness, and eczema.

Dust mites can produce 20-30 feces in a day, two hundred percent of weight of feces are produced for a mites’ life.  We can find a great amount of dust mites in a bedroom - hide over two million of mites under the mattress.  Pillows are also their favor place, 25% of the weight comes from the dust, dust and allergen in an old pillow of 6 years.

Dust mites have an average of life span of three months.  A female mite lays eggs of over a hundred in her life time that is 2-3 eggs a day.

HK : (852) 3695 0357 (Leo Chou)
CH : (86) 757 2887 0471(Mr. Chow)
Macau : (853) 2847 1206 (Stephen Chow)

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