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Control of Mosquitoes

Thermal fogging
Thermal fogging machine emits pesticides in form of droplets (approx. 5 to 30 micron) into air and provides a long lasting insect mist barrier within protected area; droplets also penetrate through dense vegetation, mosquitoes and flying insects will be killed immediately when contact with the droplets.  It is not suggested to use thermal fog in urban area near homes and roads as it produces heavy smoke during operation.

Cold fogging
Cold fogging treatment produces droplets (approx. 5 to 30 micron), the pesticide droplets can kill all flying insects within the protection area.  But for large area of dense vegetation, cold fogging is not as powerful as thermal fogging.  We have equipped with mosquito control asset of MARUYAMA with ULV head sprayer from Japan, within range of 30 feet.


Control of Mosquito Larvae

Apply larvicidal oil on water surfaces where mosquitoes lay batches of eggs.

Aim to stop breeding of larvae and pupae to mosquito adults.  Larvae and pupae will die before mature after pesticide is applied.  It is environmental friendly with suitable measurement, no harm to fish, water birds, mammal and environmental biology.

Larvicidal oil is made from petroleum distillate for mosquito control, especially at unavoidable place with stagnant water in where larvae and pupae breed.  This chemical quickly spreads out in water and forms an oil layer on the water surface, so that larvae and pupae die from suffocation, not only killing but also controlling as it seals and covers water surface prevent mosquitoes lay eggs.  This chemical is biodegradable, no harm to environment.  Only need to avoid source of water.

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CH : (86) 757 2887 0471(Mr. Chow)
HK : (852) 3695 0357 (Leo Chou)
Macau : (853) 2847 1206 (Stephen Chow)

Hotline : (HK)  +852 3695 0357 

(CH) +86 757 2887 0471 | 188 20868365

(Macau) +853 2847 1206 | 6826 9365

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