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Control of Rodents

Prevention is always the best way to deal with pests

Clean environmental hygiene is the key of rodent control; we should always keep places clean by reducing food and water sources.  Food should be properly packed or stored in sealable containers or plastic bags in order to minimize the access of food to rodents.  Garbage and trash should always be kept in containers with tight lids on; food waste in kitchens should always be cleaned up to minimize the infestation of rodents.

Trap & Kill

Catch and Kill
1. Look for the runways of rodent infestation and build blocks, control methods including correct placement of rat board and rat baits.
2. Use food bait to catch rodent.

Trap and Kill

1‭. ‬For serious rodent infestation.
2‭. ‬Use appropriate rodenticide e.g. block bait, rice, powder
3‭.‬ Correct bait placement.
4‭.‬ Suitable active ingredients and check regularly.
5‭.‬ Reduce food and water sources to rapid the control effect.

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